HARO Sports to bring Super GT back to Sepang in 2020!

HARO SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT SDN. BHD.(HARO) and the promotor of SUPER GT series GTA Co., Ltd have reached an agreement to work together to bring Malaysia SUPER GT at Sepang International Circuit in 2020. The race in 2020 will be the first ever night race for SUPER GT.

HARO is a sports, entertainment and marketing firm established in 2016, with a core business that revolves around football, golf, e-sports in Malaysia. HARO has played an integral part in the successful acquisition of partners and in the development of its commercial properties for the Pahang Football Association (Pahang FA), a Malaysian professional football club. HARO has also been at the forefront of connecting gamers from around the world to the virtual arena in e-sports taking center stage. In Golf, HARO co-founded a golf scholarship project with the aim of making young Malaysian golfers professional that will represent Malaysia in the international scene. Haro takes steps toward SUPER GT filled with an experienced team in motorsports.

If returning SUPER GT to Sepang happens in 2020, it will be the first Malaysia Round after 7 years absence. SUPER GT in Sepang International Circuit started back in 2000 with exhibition race, have been held 13 times until 2013.

Fahrizal Hasan, managing partner of Haro, said, “Japan is synonymous with innovation, and at HARO, we are all about reinventing the wheel. The return of SUPER GT to Malaysia will be history in the making. It will be the first ever SUPER GT night race in the world.”

“We hope that not only the drivers, teams and car manufacturers but also everyone involved in SUPER GT will work together with HARO and the local staff involved in operations at Sepang to help the people of Malaysia share in the enjoyment of motor sports and create a race event based on a shared understanding of automobile culture. At the same time, I hope that through SUPER GT we can contribute to promoting exchange that builds friendship between Malaysia and Japan” said GTA’s Chairman Masaaki Bandoh.

“HARO is an organization that runs a professional football club in Malaysia and is also highly respected for its expertise in sport branding. As an organization that seeks to promote the globalization of motor sports, we at GTA feel very fortunate to have established this partnership with such an accomplished promoter as HARO, and it is our sincere wish that we can work together to build recognition for SUPER GT in Malaysia” add the GTA’s Chairman Masaaki Bandoh.